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#elearningISI - I Webinar - Development of successful tomato varieties

Updated: May 22, 2020

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity together with past and current ISI Academy students! During this difficult Covid-19 emergency period, the Board organized a series of interesting webinars from May to Sept 2020 where interns will explain their activities and feelings. Aims are to remain in contact and still sharing scientific researches.

It was great to start with a distinctive keynote speaker as Ophelie Gregoire, our first international ISI Academy student from France (2018): she shared her ongoing tasks as Onion Junior Breeder and she gave a lot of suggestions for all the present students.

Stay tuned for the complete registered event: it will be uploaded soon on our website!




Here the preliminary agenda:

May 7, 11, 21

Jun 4, 18

July 2, 16, 30

Sept 3, 17

More info here:

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