Florindo Boni Award 2019

Florindo Boni, founded ISI Sementi in 1981 with a strategic vision that is still relevant today. In just over 30 years he led the company in more than 40 countries worldwide thanks to his passion for his work and his vision of the future in the horticultural research field.

Thanks to the intuition of its founder, that of ISI Sementi is today an avant-garde research, conducted with the help of the most innovative breeding, genomics, bioinformatics and metabolomics techniques, and contributes to the success of Made in Italy in the main areas of cultivation of the planet.

As part of the ISI Academy project, the seed company ISI Sementi, has decided to establish an annual "Innovation in Horticulture Award" to commemorate the company founder, Florindo Boni, who has recently passed away.

The prize will be awarded to a young researcher for the best poster communication regarding plant breeding at the SIGA congress to be held in Naples next September 2019.

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