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We put Italian passion and taste in everything we do, because we believe in the values of tradition, and we innovate in a sustainable way, to offer unique products to the market.



ISI Academy is a non-profit ISI Sementi organization that promotes plant breeding and seed technology innovation through the constant growth of employees’ skills, and a strong collaboration with universities and public institutions thanks to common research projects, professional courses and qualified internships with the aim of bind academic studies and the workplace.


We are a great team of enthusiastic ISI employees and researchers dealing with breeding, seed technology and marketing. We spend our working days moving from the office to the greenhouse, the field and the lab. We are keen to learn, discover, experience and develop new techniques and methodologies.



ISI Academy believes in innovation and new ideas. We love to support young scientists and experts from all over the world in the realization of ambitious projects in plant sciences and breeding.



Thanks to the lectures, classes, meetings and the support we offer, everyone can learn in a productive way and understanding the ISI Sementi attitude and philosophy.


Our employees and interns can count on i) a dedicated room for initiative and personal growth; ii) international working environment; iii) an internship compensation; iv) excellent guidance with enthusiastic, professional and driven colleagues.

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